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Below are popular help tips to common problems. I appreciate
if you could locate your answer (below) instead of contacting
me first, as this will save you time and trouble. Thank you

You are welcome to send me a message anytime to my email (below).
But please as a busy girl, it may take a hour or two, but I will answer it)


Each month I add one or two more software items to my wizzlinks. But if I have not
added your software yet, please feel free to request it. Please also ask about sales
or download related questions. Below are some help tip if you get stock.
Thx Katie

Help with downloading:
Try using this free online app www.7-zip.org to uncompress your downloaded folder.
Try using a faster internet connection or try at another time, as the download server may be busy.
Try to speed-up or pause your downloading, please use this free download manager at: http://pro.reget.com
Some anti-virus software can delete download files, before unzipping please disable anti-virus software temporarily.
And don't worry, if you need you can download from this download link as many times as you want, night or day, 24 hours!

Help with Installing:
Try to uninstall the software, restart your PC, and install your software again. In most cases this will sort the problem out.
Try deleting any old versions as they will affect the install process (find/uninstall them from Windows Control Panel).
Try turning off your internet connection before you start installing the software, this is strongly recommended.
Try turning off your Windows User Account, as this also sometimes could cause installation issues.
If you still can not find a solution above! then please contact me at wizzhelp@outlook.com

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We take your privacy very seriously, so your payment is always secure with SSL Certificate. We accept all payments; Visa, Master Card, American Express.